Maintaining Your Outboard Motor

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Maintaining your Outboard Motor

Boat enthusiasts all over the world share a passion for the open water. It’s important to make sure that your vessel is properly maintained so you can always have a superior experience when you head out for a day of fun. A major part of this upkeep includes maintaining your outboard. One of the many great benefits of an outboard is that they’re fairly easy to maintain due to their convenient accessibility. By the same token, you should have no excuse for not performing proper maintenance on your outboard.

At Eric’s Outboard Marine Service Inc., we want to make sure our customers are educated on proper outboard maintenance so we’ve put together this useful guide to help you get started on maintaining your outboard. If you’re interested in Yamaha parts or upgrading your outboard, check out our online selection today!

There are two main types of outboard maintenance that you’ll need to pay attention to, which is year-round and post-boating maintenance. Year-round maintenance is pretty self-explanatory. Post-boating maintenance needs to be performed after every boating trip. Be sure to perform your post-boating maintenance as soon as you’ve pulled your boat out of the water. First, you’ll need to purge all the water. Start the engine and allow the water pump to remove any water that’s been used for cooling. When you’re in a marine environment, always flush your engine with fresh water so you can remove any salt that could eventually lead to corrosion. Once you've flushed the engine, you can unhook the fuel line to burn out any of the remaining gas.

Now that you’ve successfully cleared your engine of gas and water, you should remove the cowling, which is the protective casing. This part of the engine allows it to run without ever coming into contact with the water. You’ll want to wipe down the engine with a cloth as it will be hot. Spray any moving parts with lubricant so they can continue to function correctly. You should also take this opportunity to inspect your spark plugs and gasket seals for possible leaks. There should not be any water in the engine compartment. If you notice any leaks, it’s time for service.

It’s a good idea to establish a schedule for regular maintenance. Remember that outboard motors don’t operate like car motors as they require some additional knowledge for proper maintenance. Outboard motors have numerous gear and rpm changes, which results in burning through oil far faster than cars. You should check your oil regularly to get an idea of how much it’s consuming regularly. Checking the filter and spark plugs is wise, too.

As long as you remember that routine maintenance is essential to giving your outboard motor a long and healthy life, you’ll be set. At Eric’s Outboard Marine Service Inc., we’ve got tons of Yamaha engines and parts available in our online store. Start browsing for yours today.

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