Tips for Winterizing your Boat


Tips for Winterizing your Boat

As fun as it was to hit the water with your boat during the summer, the temperatures are starting to drop and many boat owners are looking to put their boats in storage for the winter. This is a smart idea if you aren’t going to use your boat during the cold months, but don’t just throw it any old place in any old condition and assume everything will be fine. Follow the tips that Eric’s Outboard Marine has provided for winterizing your boat so you can avoid a maintenance nightmare come spring. If you need more advice, stop by our our location in Miami, Florida and we’ll help you with all your boating-related needs..


One of the most essential steps you can take before putting your boat in storage is to clean it. This means both the exterior and the interior. All the salt, grime, and algae needs to come off so it doesn’t fester and grow while in storage. Make sure to clean in every nook and cranny, like between the seats, and when the exterior is dry, consider apply a fresh coat of wax (especially if you’re storing your boat outside).


Brush up on some important maintenance checks before storage, like changing the oil and adding fresh antifreeze to the cooling system. Apply fogging oil on things like the fuel compartments, carburetors, and cylinders to prevent corrosion and add fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank. Finally, make sure to remove your battery and hook it up to a trickle charge, or run the engine once a month to keep it healthy.


When it’s time to put your boat in storage, you’ll want to make sure that’s it’s protected from the elements. Cover it as much as you can, ideally by keeping it somewhere that’s enclosed or covered, like a large barn or garage. At the very least, cover it with a tarp or special boat cover to keep debris and precipitation off. If this isn’t possible, stop by Eric’s Outboard Marine and we’ll help you come up with solutions to any problems you encounter.

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